Ace Tec Leisure

Ace Tec Leisure
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Address: 76, Graham Avenue,
East Sussex
Postcode: BN41 2WL
Telephone: 01273 430431
This is based on a game from the popular T.V. programme. Competitors stand
on raised padded plinths over an inflatable mattress. They don their Gladiator helmet,
take hold of their pugil sticks (giant cotton buds) and let battle commence.
Who can remain standing the longest? It’s a game that everyone wants
to take part in. Inflatable base size 18’ x 22’.

This is a great game for indoor or outdoor use - the latest version of our ever
popular Pole Joust. Two competitors sit astride a colourful padded pole with
their foam Biffers - to dismount their opponent and foam Blockers to block
any advances. The victor is the one who remains on the pole and the loser - well,
he tests out the inflatable bed below! This new version is easy and quick to put
together and transports easily in an estate car. This is fast entertainment with
lots of laughs. Don’t miss this one when planning your party or event.


This is a fantastic new bungee game and one not to be missed. Two players
are fastened on to the same bungee, but there is an inflatable wall between them.
Each player attempts to place his numbered Velcro score markers in place by
running away from the wall, but his opponent is attempting to do the same, and at
the same time!. It is really funny to watch and just as much fun to take part in.
Base area is 22’X18’. It’s fast and exciting game of single TUG-OF–WAR transformed
into a fun inflatable game suitable for both adults and teenagers. Can be collected
in an Estate Car.

This is it - the exciting Double Lane Bungee Run. The idea of the game is to
run down the lane as far as possible, against your opponent in the next lane,
and place a Velcro batten on the central barrier before the bungee pulls you
back to the start. It’s fast, it’s competitive, it’s totally addictive and it’s great fun.
This is the Australian game of Bungee Running played in a safe bouncy castle environment.
This is superb for pubs, fabulous for fetes, great for galas - everyone wants to have a go.
The unit measures 35’ x 12’ wide and 6’ high and comes complete with bungee ropes,
harness belts and battens. We even supply different sized harness belts and variable
strength bungees, so that Dad can have a go against his teenage kids without
having a strength advantage! A Large estate car or small van recommended for collection.

Children's parties
Fund raising events
Themed parties
Fun casino
Weddings & corporate
AV production

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