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Bouncers Leisure LtdBouncers Leisure Ltd
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Address: Jinty Wells Rd
Postcode: BA3 3UR
Telephone: 01761 436328
Mobile: 07792352857
Bouncers, established in Radstock Nr Bath in 1989! Why not choose an experienced company to provide bouncy castles and more at your child's party in the Bath area?

As a family business we pride ourselves that we offer a reliable, competent and affordable service coupled with an excellent safety record.

On our web site you can find price lists for the different types of equipment that we have available for hire. If you wish to contact us to discuss the hire of our equipment you can find our contact details below.

If you hire an inflatable from us, our Public Liability Insurance only covers the equipment itself and we are in no way responsible for any damage or injury due to negligence on the part of yourselves and/or your organisation. You must therefore provide responsible adult supervision with sufficient authority to:

    * Organise suitable groups of users taking into account size and age differences and limit numbers to ensure the inflatable is not overloaded.
    * Remove shoes, sharp objects (e.g. keys, combs etc.) and foodstuffs (e.g. gum, lollipops etc.) liable to cause damage or injury.
    * Control boistrous behaviour that could cause injury (drop kicks, flips etc.)
    * Do not allow anyone to climb, swing or hang on the walls or push out the sides.

If you require Bouncers staff to supervise an inflatable at your venue the fees are £7 per hour for each operator. This is in addition to our normal hire fee and transport costs.

If you call, please tell them you found them on the BOUNCY CASTLE HIRE COMPANIES website.
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